Kamini April Fool? Kamini April Fool?
Who wants to go for a walk? Unanimous yes. Quandary in the port: left to Vichos, right to Hydra town, or a dip in the harbor. Happy Spring all.
Kamini April Fool?
Kamini April Fool?
Romantic August Kamini Sunset Romantic August Kamini Sunset
  But the flip side of our photographic flags a fluttering in the breeze is that with temperatures in the mid 30,s  hot wind can cause deadly wildfires. (As poor Greece has already experienced recently)Please be extra vigilant and always carry water on walks, ...
Romantic August Kamini Sunset
Romantic August Kamini Sunset
Hydra Revisited Hydra Revisited
Honoured to be included. Latest Hydra Book
Hydra Revisited
Hydra Revisited
Okay who’s next ??? Okay who’s next ???
Easy livin’ August was fun, y’all come back soon y’hear. So that is August in Kamini is almost done and dusted, who’s up for September? We are going to win this season, albeit on marginal points. Happy Fall y’All, still standing KC staf ...
Okay who's next ???
Okay who’s next ???
Not Kamini’s Baby Beach Not Kamini’s Baby Beach
We have heard rumblings about August “Baby Beach” being a tad crowded. Try China for fun bathing then. Surfs Up
Not Kamini's Baby Beach
Not Kamini’s Baby Beach
Mid Summer Kamini night Wild Life Mid Summer Kamini night Wild Life
Godzilla snail caught crossing our terrace. Scary nightlife to be avoided in our valley. The height of the season and it’s all happening in our quite village. Even the Paparazzi couldn’t catch these guys. Rare dangerous night stalking leopard toad.
Mid Summer Kamini night Wild Life
Mid Summer Kamini night Wild Life
Kamini’s Kodylenia Restaurant – 1985 Kamini’s Kodylenia Restaurant – 1985
We took this from Mavro Maties taverna, (the large yellow and red landmark structure in Kamini harbour), closed some decades now. Could not imagine the changes to come in our little village. Always tranquil, beautiful and has remained unspoiled over the years despit ...
Kamini's Kodylenia Restaurant - 1985
Kamini’s Kodylenia Restaurant – 1985
Kamini Takes Centre Stage Kamini Takes Centre Stage
Credit photo Brian Sidaway Or should we say builds a stage. An attractive addition to our valley, creative masons expanded the stone rain channel to include an outdoor theatre. Very nicely done, we don’t know who or what is going to be starring in our new amph ...
Kamini Takes Centre Stage
Kamini Takes Centre Stage
Merry Grumble Merry Grumble
KC wishes all and sundry a healthy happy 2017 With Love from us, no offence!!
Merry Grumble
Merry Grumble
All Roads Lead To….. All Roads Lead To…..
They went thatta-way…!! Not so long ago, the island erected road signs designed to stop visitors from getting lost or confused. I was particularly pleased with the one in Kamini Harbour. Being Irish and all, it seemed normal; some newcomers however still ask m ...
All Roads Lead To.....
All Roads Lead To…..

Regatta signifies Season End

In like a Lion, out like a lamb, pretty much says it all about the annual yacht race from Athens to the Rock. Friday howling winds and high seas, these determind boats and crew braved ...
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Not a Pants on Fire true tail…

The comet staff and management made parole this month and escaped to the northeast coast of the States where we happened upon a pleasant surprise. An island also devoid of motorized transport. Fire island has ...
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Ignoring Silly Season Rhubarbs

Instead the KC is getting down to some really interesting news rather than re-telling the who's who and what of  the island's August seen and be seen, scene. Mid-August 2016 called for a new model ...
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Some just Never “Get-it”

Time and time again the island has had to fight against the wheels, pun intended, of “progress”. We have always advocated that one moped, would be the thin end of an irreversible wedge, and ruin ...
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Only in Kamini, and only us.

"Let's do something different," she said, "why don't you call Castello (ex baby-beach) and see if they have sushi, we haven't had any for at least two years." I called they did have such fresh ...
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June Fool

Okay so a couple of months behind April Fool, but contrary to a new Kamini rumour that I have  gone into competition with Dole and Chiquita bananas super corporations, we are not associated with this new ...
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Not trusted by at least 3, or is that 30 million visitors to date. Conceived in 1983, had to wait until it was invented in 1995 to launch internet on the island. No charges for ...
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Season Starts with a Bang….. a lot of bangs in fact.

Fireworks, Flaming Judas, gunplay in traditional style, Greek Easter, Paska, was certainly the busiest in memory. In addition to the usual festivities, a long weekend was introduced to allow travel time as Protomayo (May 1 ...
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It Never gets Boring

Sunsets in Kamini Harbour are like finger prints or snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Kodylenia sunset showed one could say the spectrum of precious metals, golden, silver, copper, bronze and platinum ...
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A Thousand Rooms with a View… Of Us!!!

As always there is always a counterrhubarb to anything on the island, even at first glance. Well, hardly a glance—one cannot miss it: the planned new super cruise ship to visit Hydra on a regular ...
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