Chernobyl Special Chernobyl Special
I found this old photo taken in the Bahia bar. My silly way of lightening the Chernobyl crisis. At the time fallout was threatening to radiate all of Eastern Europe. I remember there was run on NoyNoy tinned milk (there was no fresh milk to be had on the island bac ...
Chernobyl Special
Chernobyl Special
Donkeys Uber Alles Donkeys Uber Alles
Happy to be back in Greece after my first trip to the States since 2016. On Thanksgiving my sister in-law asked me what made the biggest impression of change in the ‘real’ world since my last visit … post-Covid etc. ! Quite shocking I can say: see ...
Donkeys Uber Alles
Donkeys Uber Alles
Hydra finishes the season on a high note! Hydra finishes the season on a high note!
Credit due, quite literally! When the world is facing an unprecedented energy crisis as 2022 draws to a close, our beloved Rock is now getting renewable energy. Hugely beneficial to the island in so many ways. Bravo, and thank you to those who made it possible!  
Hydra finishes the season on a high note!
Hydra finishes the season on a high note!
Inkaminicado! Inkaminicado!
Roger Green came up with a classic to describe the Rock’s permanent inmates when the summer swarms drive local denizens into hiding. Now into its third decade, the resident bard’s traditional Pirofani opening poem was spot on. We shall be blissfully Inka ...
A Lovely Tribute to Kamini’s Tassia A Lovely Tribute to Kamini’s Tassia
A Lovely Tribute to Kamini's Tassia
A Lovely Tribute to Kamini’s Tassia
Kamini April Fool? Kamini April Fool?
Who wants to go for a walk? Unanimous yes. Quandary in the port: left to Vichos, right to Hydra town, or a dip in the harbor. Happy Spring all.
Kamini April Fool?
Kamini April Fool?
Romantic August Kamini Sunset Romantic August Kamini Sunset
  But the flip side of our photographic flags a fluttering in the breeze is that with temperatures in the mid 30,s  hot wind can cause deadly wildfires. (As poor Greece has already experienced recently)Please be extra vigilant and always carry water on walks, ...
Romantic August Kamini Sunset
Romantic August Kamini Sunset
Hydra Revisited Hydra Revisited
Honoured to be included. Latest Hydra Book
Hydra Revisited
Hydra Revisited
Okay who’s next ??? Okay who’s next ???
Easy livin’ August was fun, y’all come back soon y’hear. So that is August in Kamini is almost done and dusted, who’s up for September? We are going to win this season, albeit on marginal points. Happy Fall y’All, still standing KC staf ...
Okay who's next ???
Okay who’s next ???
Not Kamini’s Baby Beach Not Kamini’s Baby Beach
We have heard rumblings about August “Baby Beach” being a tad crowded. Try China for fun bathing then. Surfs Up
Not Kamini's Baby Beach
Not Kamini’s Baby Beach


Jennifer first arrived on the Rock at the age of 10, after her father, Michael, bought a house above Hydra’s port. While she lived in Virginia year-round with her mother, Jeanne, and stepfather, Steve, she visited Hydra with her father every summer for a month, in her younger years tripping along the port chasing kitties, then later tripping home from Cavos to make her curfew (father had threatened to call the “police” if she was even a minute late).
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Not Washed Out!

Pouring rain at Theo’s closing did nothing to dampen the spirit of the occasion—in fact, if anything, the novelty of the cloud burst generated a whole new atmosphere. Guests at the Pirofani closing took refuge under Dimitra’s adjacent shop awning, but even that was no guarantee of shelter from the spray.

Dancing, cooking, and celebrating the end of a long hot season in the rain was a memorable event. The only thing conspicuous by its absence was Roger’s annual closing poem as he had escaped the Rock a week prior.

We will miss our favourite character restaurateur and his menu, wish him well on his winter travels, and look forward to a grand opening in the spring.

Pirofani, Kamini, Hydra, October 2010

Cooking in the rain: Even Takis the 'chef' was having fun.

Kamini Rainstorm

Dancing in the rain, where tables noramlly stand.

Different dining in Kamini

The adjacent shop became the dining area

Fall showers on Hydra

Nici and Jennifer brought their own "roof"

Hydra, Kamini, flora

Talking to the flowers didn't stop the deluge!

Be Advised! Metro Muggers Rampant!

It seems that every week one of the island’s inhabitants who has been into the Big Olive—in fact all type of visitors to the Rock—has a harrowing story to tell of being robbed on the Athenian public transport system. Most commonly, they report being mugged on the fabled attractive new metro—one of the crowning architectural achievements for the 2004 Olympics.

By the sound of it, deft pickpockets work in gangs to relieve innocent tourists of wallets, handbags, i-phones (any phones/cameras for that matter). In some cases laptops are snatched, and apparently the swag is immediately passed onto other fleet-footed fellow thugs, who disappear into throngs or scurry up stairwells, never to be seen again.

One would think this rife invasion of travellers would encourage some sort of major security clamp down. Things like CCTV would be installed more prolifically (and manned); maybe a few burly plainclothes cops would be allowed free passage. These are the sorts of measures other capital cities have employed with fair success. Letters to local newspapers seem to be ignored, and the general answer is an apathetic shrug and “tea-nah-khan-amay” response of ‘what can we do,’ and it has been going on for years now.

Well, what we all can do—apart from suggesting commuters arm themselves with Tazer guns or stand with mace in hand—is advise our visitors to stay away from public transport or, if one does need frugal connections, to be very alert and make sure all valuables are tucked tight, zipped, and locked.

Sad times for a city once renowned for its honesty and friendly welcoming atmosphere.

October 12, 2010 Kathimerini Update:

Mugging ring

Twenty-two suspected members of a mugging and car theft ring believed to have targeted dozens of people in central Athens were in police custody yesterday. Officers from the Aghios Panteleimonas and Kolonos police precincts worked together to arrest the suspects, 16 Algerians and six Afghans, on Sunday. The suspects are believed to have carried out 35 muggings and 45 car thefts over the past six months. The muggings targeted women who were stripped of purses and jewelry. Police found large quantities of jewelry, cell phones, purses and watches in raids on two apartments in central Athens.

A little good press!

Hello you two! Thanks a lot for your work. Its fun and delightful to read!
—Natacha Best, November 23, 2007

Terrific idiot-proof website, David! Fun to use, informative and well written. Plus, just the right amount of taking the pith in the news pages. The KC makes me and Sheena wonder why we ever left Hydra despite the horrors of the summer fires. Great stuff! Long may it prosper.
—Dermot and Sheena O’Connor, November 2, 2007

Great site … those old photos sure bring back memories.
—Judy Scott, September 4, 2007

Came across your site whilst searching for the latest news on the fires in Greece. A fun read and a welcome addition to the World Wide Web. Well done! A big thanks to you and Jennifer…. Keep up the good work … please!
—John and Andrew, August 27, 2007

I saw your website and was genuinely delighted…. Congratulations on all counts!!
—Kati Meister, August 6, 2007

David, please send me the issue you did on the fires. Tayu told me of it. And put me on your weekly (?) mailing list? I love the paper. Congrats.
—Barbara Lapcek, August 6,2007

Hello, David and Jennifer. Your website is jolly good fun.
—Charlotte Gusay, August 5, 2007

Great idea, I will be reading every month.
—Mark Erpelding, August 4, 2007

So sad to see the pictures of the fire. And your comments are right on!
—John Paul Jacques, August 1, 2007

A great front page. Well written and to the point.
—Brian Sidaway, July 29, 2007

Brian and Valerie sent me your website, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. How I long for Hydra!
—Penny Connell, July 12, 2007

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