Chernobyl Special Chernobyl Special
I found this old photo taken in the Bahia bar. My silly way of lightening the Chernobyl crisis. At the time fallout was threatening to radiate all of Eastern Europe. I remember there was run on NoyNoy tinned milk (there was no fresh milk to be had on the island bac ...
Chernobyl Special
Chernobyl Special
Donkeys Uber Alles Donkeys Uber Alles
Happy to be back in Greece after my first trip to the States since 2016. On Thanksgiving my sister in-law asked me what made the biggest impression of change in the ‘real’ world since my last visit … post-Covid etc. ! Quite shocking I can say: see ...
Donkeys Uber Alles
Donkeys Uber Alles
Hydra finishes the season on a high note! Hydra finishes the season on a high note!
Credit due, quite literally! When the world is facing an unprecedented energy crisis as 2022 draws to a close, our beloved Rock is now getting renewable energy. Hugely beneficial to the island in so many ways. Bravo, and thank you to those who made it possible!  
Hydra finishes the season on a high note!
Hydra finishes the season on a high note!
Inkaminicado! Inkaminicado!
Roger Green came up with a classic to describe the Rock’s permanent inmates when the summer swarms drive local denizens into hiding. Now into its third decade, the resident bard’s traditional Pirofani opening poem was spot on. We shall be blissfully Inka ...
A Lovely Tribute to Kamini’s Tassia A Lovely Tribute to Kamini’s Tassia
A Lovely Tribute to Kamini's Tassia
A Lovely Tribute to Kamini’s Tassia
Kamini April Fool? Kamini April Fool?
Who wants to go for a walk? Unanimous yes. Quandary in the port: left to Vichos, right to Hydra town, or a dip in the harbor. Happy Spring all.
Kamini April Fool?
Kamini April Fool?
Romantic August Kamini Sunset Romantic August Kamini Sunset
  But the flip side of our photographic flags a fluttering in the breeze is that with temperatures in the mid 30,s  hot wind can cause deadly wildfires. (As poor Greece has already experienced recently)Please be extra vigilant and always carry water on walks, ...
Romantic August Kamini Sunset
Romantic August Kamini Sunset
Hydra Revisited Hydra Revisited
Honoured to be included. Latest Hydra Book
Hydra Revisited
Hydra Revisited
Okay who’s next ??? Okay who’s next ???
Easy livin’ August was fun, y’all come back soon y’hear. So that is August in Kamini is almost done and dusted, who’s up for September? We are going to win this season, albeit on marginal points. Happy Fall y’All, still standing KC staf ...
Okay who's next ???
Okay who’s next ???
Not Kamini’s Baby Beach Not Kamini’s Baby Beach
We have heard rumblings about August “Baby Beach” being a tad crowded. Try China for fun bathing then. Surfs Up
Not Kamini's Baby Beach
Not Kamini’s Baby Beach

David Fagan

David Fagan is CEO, president, managing director, author, publisher, and chief bottlewasher of On his first visit to Hydra back in 1983, David decided that owning a bar in this exotic location was an ideal way not to spend the rest of his life in the fast-lane of corporate advertising and journalism. It was an idea spawned by the Honorable Bill Cunliffe of Bill’s Bar, renowned wateringhole for anyone who knew this part of the world at the time. He and a couple of old-timers, Anthony Kingsmill and Leonard Bernstein, planted the seed: Come!

Welcome to our new format.

While there is still a learning-curve in progress, we hope you will enjoy our latest endeavors. It was noted that the Comet hasn’t been as active of late; some thought that perhaps enthusiasm had waned.

We intend to rectify this impression henceforth with weekly photos, more frequent inside news and images, and most probably an alternative slant to the rumors and rhubarbs. And we’ve added the ability for visitors to participate with their own muses and mutters.

Above all this is for fun; there is no hidden commercial agenda to the Comet. We like to share with those few who appreciate the outer/lighter side of Hydra. This is not an enticement in disguise; we will deliberately ungloss life in our valley. We like it as it is—too far off the norm for anything the ‘real-world’ should perceive as a real destination, other than a short visit. We do support commercial developmen—on other islands.

Happy Memories

Michael in "tux" with Captian Brian munching on a prawn 1998

Michael in designer T shirt at Capt. George

“E-mail? Internet? What a gimmick! We have fax machines! What more does one need?” This not from a local but an ex-patriot who spent a substantial part of the year living abroad in the first world. And as recently as 1996, a time on the island when the drachma was an almost nonexchangeable currency and the euro a coin not yet on the horizon.

I was not to be deterred, insisting that one day in the not-too-distant future, e-mail and the Internet would effect a global communications revolution. I had this idea of opening the first cybercafé and website about the Rock. Much like the old telegraph office used to be. The only two people at the time who were able to share this vision were our mayor, Kostas Anastopoulou, and a semiretired Swedish friend who had come to live on the island, Michael Giese.

A business before its time

We were so optimistic about the future of the internet.

When we launched the Hydranet website, it was bigger than all the cyberspace occupied by Crete and Corfu combined. As joint lunatics, appreciated by the one-off tourist and a paltry few who knew of other folk with an @ address, we had a lot of fun braving the  huge learning curve of a new technology. Only in 1997, after a house was sold as a result of communications via our system, were we even taken seriously.

Michael (in window) of our office.

In days gone, when hair was dark and long.

Recently a regular Comet visitor pointed out that our cheerful little website was becoming something of an obituary list. So we chose not to introduce Michael’s passing as a simple MIA name but to highlight a bit of his and our pioneering experience on the island. My partner in crime passed suddenly in his home, Uppsala, Sweden, on October 26. He will be much missed by all who knew him.

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